21 Things I Love About My Sisters With Down Syndrome

21 Things I Love About My Sisters With Down Syndrome

October 26, 2020
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October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and as many of you know, I have four little sisters with Down Syndrome, so I didn't want this month to go by unnoticed. While I could list off some facts about Down Syndrome for you,"Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused when abnormal cell division results in extra genetic material from chromosome 21," I'd rather list off 21 things that I love about my sisters with Down Syndrome. 

This is Sammy, Rosie, Agnes, and Jayne (left to right.) I have a special relationship with each of them and if I ever need a confidence booster, all I need to do is go back home where I'm rushed at the door with hugs and adorable smiles. So let's dive right into it...

21 Things I Love About My Sisters With Down Syndrome:

21. The way they make me feel so special every time I am with them.
20. The way Agnes protects Jayne - she's Jayne's little body guard and their friendship is like none other.
19. The way Sammy has grown into a helpful woman who keeps everyone on schedule.
18. The way Rosie smiles - I mean come on! Look at that picture.
17. The way Jayne talks about the things she loves - Jurassic Park, Beauty and the Beast, her baby...
16. The way they chant my name while we're driving in the car together - I told you, they are a real confidence booster.
15. Sammy's dedication to the Special Olympics. Each year she comes back from the winter games sporting her medals.
14. Rosie's curiosity. That girl is SMART and tinkers until she figures out a problem... like breaking into a locked gate or cabinet.
13. Agnes' will. She stands by her convictions and would do well at a sit in.
12. Jayne's fascination with animals. She's the chicken whisperer and if you can't find her in the house, you can probably find her in the coop.
11. Sammy's leadership qualities. She knows the rules and gives reminders as to how to follow them. Even going as far as keeping my dad on schedule when it's time for barn chores.
10. Rosie's ability to entertain herself. From singing 5 little monkeys to playing PJ Masks with her Wee Baby Stella's, she's never not using her imagination.
9. The way Agnes prioritizes her friendships. She's always waiting for the next time she gets to see her buddies.
8. Jayne's gentle heart. She is sensitive and kind and nurtures those around her.
7. Sammy's dedication to schooling. She's always reading a book or doing math problems.
6. Rosie's inability to be sneaky. Don't get me wrong, she's a little thief, but when she swipes your phone out of your pocket, she normally stands in front of you with her hands behind her back waiting for you to say something to her about it.
5. The way Agnes jokes around. Normally it's at my dad's expense, but she's a teaser and I love it.
4. Jayne's love for her stuffed animals. Ever since I can remember, she's made sure to tuck them into bed with her.
3. The way Agnes serves the other three girls breakfast and how she makes Sammy her coffee in the morning.
2. The way their unique personalities compliment each other.
1. The fact that no matter what is going on in the world, they are a solid foundation so I can come home and rebalance and remember what is most important.

I am so lucky to have each of these girls in my life. Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

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