Special Needs Planning

Since childhood, I have watched my parents live their mission, “blessed to be a blessing,” and my goal is to carry that mission forward. Having a large family, including four sisters with Down Syndrome, I understand the importance of special needs planning and I strive to alleviate any fear of “what if,” and replace it with the comfort that comes from coordinating special needs planning with your overarching financial strategy.

My team and I understand that learning the family’s story, their hopes and their dreams, is the foundation of a great plan. Special needs can be diagnosed at birth or happen later in life and planning for the future can be challenging, so I work with clients to help them navigate the complexities that come with planning; from understanding government benefits, to helping define the benefits and consequences that come from the decisions they will have to make. I believe in the team approach and understand the importance of cultivating relationships with subject matter experts in various fields to help ensure my clients confidently pursue their goals.

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